5 reasons why you need SEO for your website

5 reasons why you need SEO for your website

  1. You aren’t targeting the right keywords.

Take a look at the latest search trends in your industry every so often so you don’t miss out on valuable search traffic.

5 reasons your SEO is not working.

2. Search engines may have difficulty crawling your website

A sitemap is essential for SEO. Sitemaps help search engine bots better crawl your site and reduce the risk of overlooking parts of it.

3. You’re Wasting Page Rank Opportunities

Internal links help your site visitors navigate your website efficiently and pass page rank along to valuable pages like product or service pages.

4. Rankings disappeared after a website redesign.

Have you recently relaunched your website? It is best to create a 301 redirect so that you don’t lose traffic and value from those old pages.

5. The Site Is Slow and Doesn’t Rank

Visitors will leave if your site is slow. The search engines do not like slow loading sites either, which is actually a ranking factor

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